PossibleSMP Info:

Players: 0/40

IP: PossibleSMP.com
Alternate IP:
Port: 25565
Server Version: 1.13.2
Whitelist: Enabled
Seed: -3773890836784407760
Season: 4
Discord Invite: pPgD4Km


Hello, and welcome to PossibleSMP! We're an ongoing SMP server constantly on the lookout for new members! We're currently on Season 4. We are a tight knit community, so expect to be welcomed with open arms!

What is Season 4?

There are 4 districts. Each district has a mayor, who will choose a theme for their district and begin to recruit members for their district. We are quite far into this aspect of the season, so expect to find quite a few members scattered around each district. If you do not wish to be in a district, you can classify yourself as a 'Scavenger'. Scavengers do not pledge allegiance to any districts, and therefore do not involve themselves in the law systems within. Any votes to get rid of a mayor can only be participated in by the members of that district.


  1. Patch Up All Creeper Holes Near Community/Player Seen Areas.
  2. Stealing is strictly prohibited.
  3. PvP is not allowed unless both sides have agreed. Items must be returned afterwards. Unless rules of fight differ.
  4. Griefing is not allowed. This does not include pranks, as long as they do not destroy any of the user's builds.
  5. If an area/island has been claimed by a user (preferably by sign), you must ask and get permission before building in that area.
  6. Do not kill other users animals, unless it is specifically made for community use.
  7. Be respectful to other users. Don't be toxic, or be rude. Dont be an asshole to others.
  8. Cheating or using glitches is not allowed. This includes, xray, and hacked clients, duplication glitches, ect.
  9. No Threats upon other players, especially with bases.
  10. No Making up rules of your own without permission (if you want to make a rule, message Rebi, and if needed a poll will be made shortly for it).
  11. No debating about stuff thats not important (seriously). I will kick your ass if you do.
  12. (Rules can be changed if a majority of the users playing on Possible SMP vote for it.)

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